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Low Maintenance Decking

In our experience, traditional timber decking is not at all suitable to the continuously damp Irish climate. Deck boards never have a chance to completely dry out, so any paint or stain applications are not fully absorbed. After 2-3 years, all attempts to maintain wooden decking become a waste of time and money, as premature rotting and dangerous slipperiness set in.
BetterDeck non-capped composite decking requires far less maintenance than wood decking, but it does require some basic care to keep it looking good throughout the years. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible and the deck should be washed once a year. Water is not absorbed or retained in our boards, which means our decking is non-slip decking.
Our capped easy clean composite decking requires even less work, as the tough outer shell can take high levels of daily wear and tear and will give a life time of high performance.
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