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Care & Warranty

Warranty Care & Information

All our composite decking products are made to the highest standard in the industry, providing years of low-maintenance use and enjoyment. For residential applications, our wood composite boards are guaranteed against splitting, decay, rot and splintering for 30 years. Moreover, if you decide to sell your home, the warranty is fully transferable to the new owner. 
Our capped decking product range feature a 30-year warranty including fade and stain resistance.
For commercial installations, we offer a 10-year warranty as standard.
Our railing systems are guaranteed for 25 years (residential) & 10 Years (commercial).
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Deck Care & Maintenance

General Cleaning

Like any floor in your home our composite decking looks best when the surface is kept clean. Cleaning is as simple as using a deck brush with a mild detergent.

Mould and Mildew

Our composite decking has an antifungal agent added as part of the formulation. Mould or mildew will however, develop on any hard surface if foreign matter is allowed to build up.  If this occurs, we recommend that you wash down your deck using a mild solution of warm water and bleach. Always test the solution on a non-prominent area of your deck first. You can use a pressure washer but do not position the nozzle any closer than 300mm to the deck surface as this may mark the surface of the deck.


The surface of BetterDeck composite decking will conceal minor scratches.  Avoid dragging furniture or heavy items across your deck as this may gouge the deck surface. Larger scratches can be removed by lightly sanding the face of the board or using a good wire brush. Please note that heavy sanding of your deck will mark the surface of our non-capped composite decking, although this will fade back to original colour as it weathers. Heavy sanding with a wire brush will also wear away the wood grain effect finish. We do not recommend any sanding or use of a wire brush on our capped composite products.


The best method of preventing staining is to clean the area immediately a spill occurs, before it soaks into the cellulose fibre. Our non-capped composite decking surface will stain if oil, grease, wine, plant matter or rust is allowed to remain on the surface and penetrate the fibres. A strong solution of detergent and hot water, applied immediately after the spill has occurred, will remove most stains. Always test your cleaning solution in an out-of-the-way part of your deck to make sure that the solution will not bleach the colour out of your deck. In order to avoid grease staining, a protective mat placed over the decking and covering the area immediately around your BBQ is highly recommended. Do not apply any of the above methods to the EasyClean capped composite decking products.