Not All Composite Decking Is

All our composite products are manufactured in the United States, where composite decking originated. There are tighter regulations in the U.S. than any other country in the world, where every board is labeled for traceability and is also third-party tested.

Our composite decking products have the longest track record in the Irish market. The manufacturer- TimberTech has being producing composite decking for over 20 years and has the best warranty in the U.S. and Europe. (30 year warranty). The UV stability leads the market, and fade is less than 10% over 3 years. Some other types of decking fade by as much as 40% after a couple of months!
BetterDeck does not supply any type of hollow composite decking, nor will we be affiliated to any manufacturer that supplies these products. This is because research shows that hollow composite decking is not suitable for the wetter European climate. In fact all the major US manufacturers stopped producing the hollow decking profile over 12 years ago.

Not All Pressure Treated Timber Is

Along with our low-maintenance composite decking, we also supply high quality pressure treated timber joists that are all rated for ground contact. The preservative in our joists has complete penetration to the centre of the timber, unlike the Irish-treated timber which typically has 3mm preservative penetration. We are the first and only supplier providing the BetterJoist product line in the Irish market today, reassuring our customers that the BetterDeck name sets the standard and is the leader in our industry for over a decade.