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We have 2 options for installing your deck:

1. We can recommend an authorised installer who has extensive experience working with our products over the years.

2. You can get your own installer to whom we will provide installation advice and support, in the form of:

Sub-Frame Material

Many of our customers through the years have asked us about the material used in the sub-frame of the deck. It did not make sense to us to have a high quality durable composite deck with a 30-year warranty being supported by an inferior quality timber sub-frame. With this in mind we sourced the best quality sustainable timber products available in the world today and that is how BetterJoists came about.


Here at BetterDeck, we provide products for your entire decking project. Along with our low-maintenance composite decking, we also supply BetterJoist– high quality pressure treated timber which is imported from the US. This timber is intended for use as the sub-frame of the deck and is fully rated for ground contact. The preservative in our joists has complete penetration to the centre of the timber, unlike the Irish-treated timber which typically has 3mm preservative penetration. We are the first and only supplier of this high-quality pressure-treated timber in the Irish market today, reassuring our customers that the BetterDeck name is the leader in our industry. You will not find the combination of high quality composite decking and high quality long-lasting BetterJoists for sale with any other supplier in Ireland today. Click here for more information on our joists.