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Composite Decking, the eco-friendly option.

It’s become common practice the last few years for businesses to include the word Eco before or after their product name, or in some cases attached to their company name. Here at BetterDeck we would like to think of ourselves as a company who quietly behaves in a responsible manner in regards to the environment. We look at all possibilities of lowering our green house emissions.  We use recycled packaging and economize fuel usage in every aspect of our day to day business.

The Forests and the European Union Resource Network estimates that the EU imports around 45% of all timber exported from the Amazon Basin, and as much as 50% of EU imports of timber and wood products from Southern countries may be illegally sourced. Ireland plays its part on importing such timbers from our deteriorating rain forests.

Composite decking is a much better alternative to the majority of timber decking that is on the market today. We source all our products from reputable manufacturers in North America who themselves maintain high standards of environmental responsibility. For several consecutive years, Deceuninck North America, has received the Excellence in Pretreatment Award from the Department of Environmental Services. Another environmental advantage to our composite decking is that there is no yearly staining or painting. This means that harmful chemicals are prevented from entering the environment year after year. Our composite products have a much longer life-span than timber decking which helps conserve  resources.                                                                                                                                                                                                         A.      Mullen

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